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India’s 1st AI-based 100% Automated Learning Platform providing each UNIQUE school student with a PERSONAL TUTOR in their pocket.

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Arivihan Topper Sana Khan Arivihan Topper Sana Khan
9 7 . 4 %
Sana Khan PCB
Arivihan Topper Sana Khan Arivihan Topper Sana Khan
9 8 . 6 %
Anshika Mishra PCM
JEE Top 1 Percent
Arivihan Topper Sana Khan Arivihan Topper Sana Khan
9 9 . 3 6 %
Mayur Patel JEE
Arivihan Topper Sana Khan Arivihan Topper Sana Khan
9 9 . 7 2 %
Mohammad Hamza JEE
Why Arivihan ?

We call it an era of online education with 100s of the learning platform, but have we got a perfect online solution for students?

There are a few with recorded lectures which lack interaction, the most crucial element of a classroom, and a few have live lectures where 20-50 students are grouped to make it affordable where they ask & interact via comments during lectures. On top of that, sadly, these are primarily available in English or Hindi. Can there be a way, a 1-on-1 online class with a highly experienced faculty teaching in your language, where you can interact and ask then and there?

Well, with Arivihan, surely can. Arivihan brings up AI-based Interactive lectures in vernacular languages from highly experienced faculty which takes students’ input and questions during the lectures and changes the lecture content as per their response and understanding in real-time.


Changes the content of the lecture, suggests learning path, and asks questions according to the pace of each student

1on1 & Interactive

Automatically asks questions to YOU throughout the lectures & responds according to your answers just like a live teacher

Tracking & Progress

Track your progress & compare with your peers, plan your daily goals with the AI generated timetables


Lectures & Practise content in 6 Indian languages to store concept in your heart along with the brain

Extremely Affordable

All this at a cost that you can afford with a smile

24/7 Video Lessons

Your dream faculties are available anytime, anywhere for you. Watch the lectures when you feel it's best for you.

Our Mission

136 Million students belonging to lower-income segments’ families are constrained to go to local coaching classes available near their homes, because of financial & language constraints. This education is not enough to get the required level of knowledge, especially for competitive exams preparation.

To solve this problem affecting the careers of millions of students in our country, we are building India’s 1st fully automated Online learning platform to raise the quality of online education that they can be proud of, at a price that they can afford with a smile.

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Innovation is the Key!
How we do it?

Focusing on a scalable & affordable approach, unlike other platoforms, Arivihan is India's 1st 100% automated online learning platform. Be it interaction & confirmations by tutor and question answering during lectures, or providing personalized lectures, notes, and custom-tailored practice problems, Arivihan’s AI approach provides end-to-end learning, guidance, and support just like a live human tutor.

And we are able to do it with the help of open source large language model, LLAMA by Meta. LLAMA2 & 3 fine-tuned on millions of rows of data helps us in generating text for the solutions of doubts students ask. We also validate long answer and provide students analysis of their weaker & stronger areas with its help.

Simlarly, we use other fine-tuned open-source AI models for speech synthesis and video generation for our automated lectures generation. Thanks to our proprietary data and the utilization of these advanced open-source models, we are able to deliver these premium features at a cost 12 times lower than traditional platforms and are able to keep up our dream of providing high quality extremely affordable education.

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